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Analysis on Predicting Spousal Physical Violence in the Philippines Using Binary Logistic Regression
Authors: Joseph Mercado, Lincoln Bautista, Jackie D. Urrutia, Maica Jhonalyn B. Morelos, and Jenny G. Amora
Source: European Academic Research, III(3)
Topic(s): Domestic violence
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Country: Asia
Published: JUN 2015
Abstract: This study was conducted for the purpose of identifying the factors that contribute to spousal physical violence in the Philippines using binary logistic regression. The variables are the demographic characteristics, history of violence and the marital union profile of the couple. This paper used National Demographic and Health Survey 2013 as a research instrument. This consists of 7,182 ever-married women (weighted). Two separate regression analyses were constructed to model spousal physical violence against men and against women. Of the seventeen variables, only four variables for spousal physical violence against women are found to be significant at 0.01 level of significance with 0.6578 goodness-of-fit. The significant variables are age of the woman at first cohabitation, parental violence, frequency of husband’s drunkenness and the length of cohabitation of the couple. For spousal physical violence against men, five variables are significant with 0.8673 goodness-of-fit, namely; age of the woman, if the woman ever experienced physical violence from her husband/partner, parental violence, if her father ever beaten her mother and her husband’s frequency of drunkenness. Key words: Domestic Violence, Spousal Physical Violence, Intimate Partner Relationship.