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State Gender Inequality, Socioeconomic Status and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in India: A Multilevel Analysis
Authors: Ackerson, Leland K, and Subramanian, SV
Source: Australian Journal of Social Issues, Volume 43, Issue 1: 81-102
Topic(s): Domestic violence
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Country: Asia
Published: SEP 2008
Abstract: While a growing body of literature has investigated the health impact of intimate partner violence (IPV), less has been written on the social determinants of IPV. The authors use multilevel modeling methods to analyze data from a sample of 83,627 women in India to examine the socioeconomic and demographic patterning of the state- and neighborhood-level variation in, and the state- and/or neighborhood-level characteristics related to, IPV. This study finds social gradients in IPV in which women who are uneducated, from marginalized castes, and living in poor households have higher likelihood of reporting IPV than those living in advantaged circumstances. The results also show differences in IPV between neighborhoods and between states that are partially explained by state levels of gender inequality. The results suggest that changing cultural norms to promote the status of women and increasing the educational and economic opportunities for all people could decrease the prevalence of IPV.