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Trends and Disparities in Child Mortality in India
Authors: Behl, AS
Source: Indian Pediatrics, pii: S097475591100843-1. [Epub ahead of print]
Topic(s): Childhood mortality
Health equity
Rural-urban differentials
Country: Asia
Published: JUN 2012
Abstract: This secondary analysis of Indias National Family Health Survey data assessed India's recent trends in child mortality rates and disparities. Nationally, declines in average child mortality rates from 1992 to 2005 were statistically significant, but declines in inequality were not. Urban areas had lower child mortality rates than rural areas but higher inequalities. Interstate differences in child mortality rates were significant, with rates in the highest-mortality states four to six times higher than in the lowest-mortality states. Significant child health disparities persist despite declines in child mortality rates. Implementing low-cost, effective interventions in districts with the highest number of child deaths could accelerate reductions in child mortality and decrease inequalities.