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Nationwide Survey of Prevalence and Risk Factors for Diabetes and Prediabetes in Bangladeshi Adults
Authors: Akter S, Rahman MM, Abe SK, Sultana P.
Source: Diabetes Care, 37:e9–e10, DOI: 10.2337/dc13-1647
Topic(s): Diabetes
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2014
Abstract: Diabetes is a major noncommunicable disease, ranking as a leading cause of death and disability worldwide (1). Globally, the prevalence of diabetes is ~8%, and nearly 80% of patients with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries (2). Like many developing countries, prevalence of diabetes in Bangladesh increased substantially from 4% in 1990 to 10% in 2011 and is projected to reach 13% by 2030 (3,4). Despite this heavy burden, currently there are no epidemiologic studies in Bangladesh that investigate prevalence of diabetes and risk factors using nationally representative data. Therefore, we estimated the prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes and identified associated risk factors using Bangladesh nationwide survey data by multilevel logistic regression models. Our analysis was based on the 2011 Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey. Data were available as of February 2013, including 8,835 residents (4,524 men and 4,311 women) aged …