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Caste-Based Social Exclusion and Health Deprivation in India
Authors: Jungari Suresh, Bomble Priyanka
Source: Journal of Exclusion Studies, Online published on 11 December, 2013.
Topic(s): Health equity
Country: Asia
Published: DEC 2013
Abstract: This paper aimed to understand the linkage between caste-based social exclusion and health deprivation in the country. In Indian context, caste is one of the major reason for exclusion of certain groups form mainstreams, specially scheduled castes (SCs) and scheduled tribes (STs), due to exclusion, health deprivation is caused on SCs and STs; in that, we are making efforts to elaborate the concept and meaning of caste-based exclusion and its consequences on health of excluded groups, with various health indicators of children and women of excluded caste groups. In that infant mortality, child mortality, immunisation coverage and child anaemia are health indicators of children and maternal mortality, Antenatal Care (ANC) status, safe delivery and anaemia status of women have been considered as women's health indicators; for this analysis, data have been taken from National Family Health Survey-3. Cross-tabulation has been done to understand the association between socially excluded groups and health indicators and results revel that tribal women's are at higher risk in terms of anaemia, less antenatal care and very less safe deliveries, as compared with other caste groups; SCs and STs are far behind in all aspect of health and health care; socially excluded caste group's children are not had full immunisations, which means they are going to be facing many problems in future. For overcoming this exclusion, health policy should emphasis on including the excluded groups in the programme plans, sensitisation of health-care providers, etc.