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Using satellite remote sensing and household survey data to assess human health and nutrition response to environmental change
Authors: Molly E. Brown, Kathryn Grace, Gerald Shively, Kiersten B. Johnson, Mark Carroll
Source: Population and Environment, Published online, DOI 10.1007/s11111-013-0201-0
Topic(s): Environmental health
Country: More than one region
  Multiple Regions
Published: JAN 2014
Abstract: Climate change and degradation of ecosystem services functioning may threaten the ability of current agricultural systems to keep up with demand for adequate and inexpensive food and for clean water, waste disposal and other broader ecosystem services. Human health is likely to be affected by changes occurring across multiple geographic and time scales. Impacts range from increasing transmissibility and the range of vectorborne diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever, to undermining nutrition through deleterious impacts on food production and concomitant increases in food prices. This paper uses case studies to describe methods that make use of satellite remote sensing and Demographic and Health Survey data to better understand individual-level human health and nutrition outcomes. By bringing these diverse datasets together, the connection between environmental change and human health outcomes can be described through new research and analysis.