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Inequality in Access to Health Care in Cambodia: Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Women Giving Birth at Home Assisted by Unskilled Birth Attendants
Authors: Rathavuth Hong, Rathnita Them
Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, December 20, 2011, 1010539511428351
Topic(s): Delivery care
Health equity
Country: Asia
Published: DEC 2011
Abstract: Abstract Cambodia faces major challenges in its effort to provide access to health care for all. Although there is a sharp improvement in health and health care in Cambodia, 6 in 10 women still deliver at home assisted by unskilled birth attendants. This practice is associated with higher maternal and infant deaths. This article analyzes the 2005 Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey data to examine the relationship between socioeconomic inequality and deliveries at home assisted by unskilled birth attendants. It is evident that babies in poorer households are significantly more likely to be delivered at home by an unskilled birth attendant than those in wealthier households. Moreover, delivery at home by an unskilled attendant is associated with mothers who have no education, live in a rural residence, and are farmers, and with higher birth order children. Results from this analysis demonstrate that socioeconomic inequality is still a major factor contributing to ill health in Cambodia.