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Attitude Toward Physical Abuse among Women and Men of Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation of Demographic Health Survey Data 2007.
Authors: Akhter, Rifat
Source: Journal of US-China Public Administration, Oct2011, Vol. 8 Issue 10, p1156-1164, 9p, 2 Charts
Topic(s): Domestic violence
Women’s empowerment
Country: Asia
Published: OCT 2011
Abstract: Abstract: Wife beating in Bangladesh has been widely recognized as a serious and continuing problem. Despite the methodological differences, almost all studies have found that in Bangladesh prevalence rates of wife beating range from 46%-61%. Scholars have conducted many studies on domestic violence issues in Bangladesh, and most studies have focused only on prevalence rates and possible causes of domestic violence. We must understand how men and women respond to violence that occurs in their households. Studies conducted in other countries have found that attitude toward wife beating is one of the most important prominent predictors of the incident of violence against women. Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey (BDHS) for the first time has included questions on attitude toward domestic abuse, reasons for domestic abuse, and prevention measures that women should take in order to stop wife beating in both men's and women's survey. Using BDHS data this study has found that program interventions such as, information provided in newspaper and television play important roles in creating progressive attitude toward wife beating irrespective of place of residents, wealth level, and religion. Interestingly men who believe that women's work outside home is essential for living have traditional attitude (supports wife beating) toward wife beating. Men, who have negative attitude toward women's decision-making ability on how to spend their income, take care of their health and mobility, support wife beating. This research on men's attitude toward wife beating set the groundwork for developing educational material and policy strategies for reducing domestic violence in Bangladesh. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]