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Publication results for: Publication Type: "Final Reports" AND Publication Subtype: "Other Final Reports"

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FINAL REPORTS - Other Final Reports
ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
FR343 Indonesia Special, 2017 - Adolescent Reproductive Health Final Report (English) 09/2018 Other Final Reports No
FR340 Ghana Special, 2017 - Maternal Health Survey - Final Report (English) 08/2018 Other Final Reports Yes
FR356 Lao People's Democratic Republic MICS, 2017 - Lao Social Indicator Survey II 2017 MICS (English) 06/2018 Other Final Reports No
FR332 Guinea MICS, 2016 - Supplement to Guinea (MICS) (French) 04/2017 Other Final Reports Yes
FR330 Cote d'Ivoire MICS, 2016 - Special Report (French) 12/2016 Other Final Reports Yes
FR314 Sao Tome and Principe MICS, 2014 - Resultados dos Biomarcadores do Inquérito de Indicadores Múltiplos (MICS) São Tomé E Príncipe 2014 (Portuguese) 04/2015 Other Final Reports No
FR281 Indonesia Special, 2012 - Adolescent Reproductive Health Final Report (English) 08/2013 Other Final Reports Yes
FR268 Lao People's Democratic Republic Special, 2011-12 - Lao Social Indicator Survey (MICS/DHS) Final Report (English) 12/2012 Other Final Reports No
FR262 Ghana MICS, 2011 - Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey - Final Report (English) 12/2012 Other Final Reports No
FR263 CAR MICS, 2010 - Prévalence de l'Infection VIH et Facteurs Associés en République Centrafricaine en 2010 (English, French) 04/2012 Other Final Reports Yes
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