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68 Publication(s)

ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
FR359 Nigeria DHS, 2018 - Final Report (English) 10/2019 DHS Final Reports No
MIS20 Nigeria MIS, 2015 - MIS Final Report (English) 08/2016 MIS Final Reports Yes
FR293 Nigeria DHS, 2013 - Final Report (English) 06/2014 DHS Final Reports No
MIS8 Nigeria MIS, 2010 - MIS Final Report (English) 01/2012 MIS Final Reports Yes
FR222 Nigeria DHS, 2008 - Final Report (English) 11/2009 DHS Final Reports No
FR148 Nigeria DHS, 2003 - Final Report (English) 04/2004 DHS Final Reports No
FR115 Nigeria DHS, 1999 - Final Report (English) 12/2000 DHS Final Reports No
FR27 Nigeria DHS, 1990 - Final Report (English) 04/1992 DHS Final Reports No
SR264 Nigeria DHS, 2018 - Summary Report (English) 10/2019 Summary Reports/Key Findings No
SR213 Nigeria DHS, 2013 - Key Findings (English) 06/2014 Summary Reports/Key Findings No
SR173 Nigeria DHS, 2008 - Key Findings (English) 11/2009 Summary Reports/Key Findings Yes
SR101 Nigeria DHS, 2003 - Key Findings (English) 05/2004 Summary Reports/Key Findings Yes
SR17 Nigeria DHS, 1990 - Summary Report (English) 05/1992 Summary Reports/Key Findings No
GF46 Nigeria DHS 2018 Fact Sheet (English) 10/2019 General Fact Sheets No
MF17 Nigeria MIS 2015 Malaria Fact Sheet (English) 08/2016 Malaria Fact Sheets No
OF23 Nigeria DHS 2013 - 11 Zonal Fact Sheets (Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo) (English) 06/2014 Other Fact Sheets No
GF34 Nigeria DHS 2013 Fact Sheet (English) 06/2014 General Fact Sheets No
MF6 Nigeria MIS 2010 Malaria Fact Sheet (English) 01/2012 Malaria Fact Sheets No
OF12 Nigeria 11 Zonal Fact Sheets (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) (English) 11/2009 Other Fact Sheets No
GF15 Nigeria DHS 2008 Fact Sheet (English) 11/2009 General Fact Sheets No
OF6 Nigeria 2003 DHS Gender Fact Sheet (English) 08/2006 Other Fact Sheets No
GF5 Nigeria 2003 DHS Fact Sheet (English) 05/2004 General Fact Sheets No
DM156 Nigeria 2018 DHS - Infographic (English) 10/2019 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM93 Reading MIS Tables (Nigeria 2015) (English) 08/2016 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM90 Nigeria MIS 2015 - Infographic (English) 08/2016 Other Dissemination Materials No
ATR17 2015 Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey (NMIS) Atlas of Key Indicators (English) 08/2016 Atlas Reports No
DM53 Nigeria DHS 2013 - 2 Infographics (English) 06/2014 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM52 Nigeria DHS 2013 - Gender in Nigeria booklet (English) 06/2014 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM51 Nigeria DHS 2013 - 4 Wall Charts (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) (English) 06/2014 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM50 Reading DHS Tables (Nigeria 2013) (English) 06/2014 Other Dissemination Materials No
DM21 Reading MIS Tables (Nigeria MIS 2010) (English) 01/2012 Other Dissemination Materials No
ANC23 Nigeria 2003, Nutrition of Young Children and Mothers (English) 05/2004 Africa Nutrition Chartbooks No
PPT69 Nigeria: DHS, 2018 - Survey Presentations (English) 10/2019 Survey Presentations No
PPT37 Nigeria: DHS, 2013 - Survey Presentations (English) 06/2014 Survey Presentations No
PPT18 Nigeria: 2010, MIS - Survey Presentations (English) 01/2012 Survey Presentations No
PPT19 Nigeria: DHS, 2008 - Survey Presentations (English) 11/2009 Survey Presentations No
AS71 Regional Disparities in Fertility Preferences and Demand for Family Planning Satisfied by Modern Methods across Levels of Poverty (English) 08/2019 Analytical Studies Yes
AB5 Regional disparities in fertility preferences and demand for family planning satisfied by modern methods across levels of poverty (Analysis Brief) (English) 08/2019 Analysis Briefs No
AS68 Thermal Care and Umbilical Cord Care Practices and Their Association with Newborn Mortality (English) 09/2018 Analytical Studies Yes
FA103 Trends in Child Health in Nigeria, 2003-2013 (English) 08/2016 Further Analysis No
FA102 Trends in Maternal Health in Nigeria, 2003-2013 (English) 08/2016 Further Analysis No
FA101 Trends in Reproductive Behavior in Nigeria, 2003-2013 (English) 08/2016 Further Analysis No
CR42 Levels and Trends in Maternal and Child Health Disparities by Wealth and Region in Eleven Countries with DHS Surveys (English) 08/2016 Comparative Reports Yes
WP124 An Assessment of Contraceptive Use by Marriage Type among Sexually Active Men in Nigeria: Analysis of the 2013 Demographic and Health Survey (English) 07/2016 Working Papers Yes
WP120 Contextual Factors Influencing Modern Contraceptive Use in Nigeria (English) 09/2015 Working Papers Yes
CR32 Indicators of Child Deprivation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Levels and Trends from the Demographic and Health Surveys (English) 12/2013 Comparative Reports Yes
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CD009 CD - Nigeria 2003 DHS (English) 04/2004 Dissemination CD No
OD3 Fertility Trends and Determinants in Six African Countries: DHS Regional Analysis Workshop for Anglophone Africa (English) 04/1994 Other Documents No