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Final Reports
ID Title Published Publication SubType
FR228 Bolivia DHS, 2008 - Final Report (Spanish) 10/2009 DHS Final Reports
FR159 Bolivia DHS, 2003 - Final Report (Spanish) 11/2004 DHS Final Reports
FR99 Bolivia DHS, 1998 - Final Report (Spanish) 12/1998 DHS Final Reports
FR58 Bolivia DHS, 1994 - Final Report (Spanish) 10/1994 DHS Final Reports
FR2 Bolivia DHS, 1989 - Final Report: Maternal and Child Health in Bolivia (English) 04/1991 DHS Final Reports
FR1 Bolivia DHS, 1989 - Final Report (Spanish) 01/1990 DHS Final Reports
Key Findings
SR45 Bolivia DHS, 1994 - Summary Report (Spanish) 09/1994 Summary Reports/Key Findings
SR1 Bolivia DHS, 1989 - Summary Report (Spanish) 12/1990 Summary Reports/Key Findings
MR15 Intertemporal Comparisons of Poverty and Wealth with DHS Data: A Harmonized Asset Index Approach (English) 09/2014 Methodological Reports
AS18 Intimate Partner Violence among Couples in 10 DHS Countries: Predictors and Health Outcomes (English) 12/2008 Analytical Studies
WP60 The DHS Wealth Index: Approaches for Rural and Urban Areas (English) 10/2008 Working Papers
AS7 Trends in Delivery Care in Six Countries (English) 09/2003 Analytical Studies
AR4 DHS Maternal Mortality Indicators: An Assessment of Data Quality and Implications for Data Use (English) 09/1997 Analytical Studies
CS21 Status of Women: Indicators for Twenty-five Countries (English) 12/1996 Comparative Reports
OP5 Urban Women's Employment Trajectories in Ghana and Bolivia (English) 04/1996 Occasional Papers
WP13 Características Socioeconómicas y Culturales de las Mujeres con Necesidad Insatisfecha en Anticoncepción y su Relación con los Diferenciales de la Fecundidad (Spanish) 09/1994 Working Papers
WP12 Social Strata and its Influence on the Determinants of Reproductive Behavior in Bolivia (English) 05/1994 Working Papers
WP8 Rural-to-Urban Migration in Bolivia and Peru: Association with Child Mortality, Breastfeeding Cessation, Maternal Care, and Contraception (English) 03/1994 Working Papers
WP1 Maternal Education, Use of Health Services, and Child Survival: An Analysis of Data from the Bolivia DHS Survey (English) 12/1990 Working Papers
Other Materials
OD2 Población y Salud en América Latina (Spanish) 03/1993 Other Documents
OD1 Population and Health Data for Latin America (English) 03/1993 Other Documents