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Factors influencing women’s utilization of public health care services during childbirth in Malawi Public health facility utilization
Author(s): Kennedy Machira, and Martin Palamuleni
Journal: African Health Sciences (JUN 2017) , 17(2): 400-408; DOI: 10.4314/ahs.v17i2.14
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Other
Country(s): Malawi
Fertility Differentials in Malawi: Any Lesson Learnt from Regional Socio-economic and Demographic Variations? Fertility Differences in Malawi
Author(s): Kennedy Machira, and Martin Palamuleni
Journal: Journal of Human Ecology (JUN 2017) , 58(1-2): 88-97; DOI:
Topic(s): Fertility and Fertility Preferences
Country(s): Malawi
Analysis on the Association among Stunting, Wasting and Underweight in Malawi: An Application of a Log-Linear Model for the Three-Way Table
Author(s): Ngwira A, Munthali ECS, and Vwalika KD
Journal: Journal of Public Health in Africa (JUN 2017) , 8(1): 620; DOI: 10.4081/jphia.2017.620
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Nutrition
Country(s): Malawi
The contribution of demographic and health survey data to population and health policymaking: evidence from three developing countries
Author(s): Laura B Nolan, Rachel Lucas, Yoonjoung Choi, Madeleine Short Fabic, and Jacob A Adetunji
Journal: African Population Studies (MAY 2017) , 31(1):3395; DOI:
Topic(s): Survey Methodology, Data Quality, Analysis
Country(s): Malawi, Rwanda, India
Variation in quality of primary-care services in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania
Author(s): Margaret E Kruk, Adanna Chukwum, Godfrey Mbaruku, and Hannah H Leslie
Journal: Bulletin of the World Health Organization (MAY 2017) , 95(6): 408–418; DOI: 10.2471/BLT.16.175869
Topic(s): Other
Country(s): Multiple African Countries, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal
Health Care Factors Influencing Teen Mothers’ Use Of Contraceptives in Malawi
Author(s): Kennedy Machira, and Martin E. Palamuleni
Journal: Ghana Medical Journal (APR 2017) , 51(2): 88-93 DOI: 10.4314/gmj.v51i2.7
Topic(s): Education , Family Planning , Maternal Health , Youth
Country(s): Malawi
Analysis of the effects of individual and community level factors on childhood immunization in Malawi
Author(s): Ntenda PAM, Chuang KY, Tiruneh FN, and Chuang YC.
Journal: Vaccine (APR 2017) , 35(15):1907-1917. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2017.02.036
Topic(s): Child Health and Development
Country(s): Malawi
Timing and utilisation of antenatal care service in Nigeria and Malawi
Author(s): Vincent Z. Kuuire, Joseph Kangmennaang, Kilian N. Atuoye, Roger Antabe, Sheila A. Boamah, Siera Vercillo, Jonathan A. Amoyaw, and Isaac Luginaah
Journal: Global Public Health (APR 2017) , 12(6): 711-727;
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Wealth/Socioeconomics
Country(s): Malawi, Nigeria
Obstetric Facility Quality and Newborn Mortality in Malawi: A Cross-Sectional Study
Author(s): Hannah H. Leslie, Günther Fink, Humphreys Nsona, and Margaret E. Kruk
Journal: PLOS Medicine (OCT 2016) , 13(10):e1002151; DOI:10.1371/journal.pmed.1002151
Topic(s): Infant and Child Mortality , Other
Country(s): Malawi
Socio-economic inequity in HIV testing in Malawi
Author(s): Sung Wook Kim, Jolene Skordis-Worrall, Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli, and Anni-Maria Pulkki-Brännström
Journal: Global Health Action (OCT 2016) , 9:31730; doi: 10.3402/gha.v9.31730
Topic(s): HIV/AIDS , Wealth/Socioeconomics
Country(s): Malawi
Risky Sexual Behavior of Multiple Partner Relations and Women’s Autonomy in Four Countries
Author(s): Cecilia Mengo, Eusebius Small, Bonita B. Sharma, Ude Paula, and Cecilia Mengo
Journal: Sexuality & Culture (SEP 2016) , 20(3): 535-554. doi:10.1007/s12119-016-9341-6
Topic(s): Family Planning , Gender , HIV/AIDS , Maternal Health
Country(s): Multiple African Countries, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Nepal, Multiple Regions
The causal effect of increased primary schooling on child mortality in Malawi: Universal primary education as a natural experiment
Author(s): M. Makate, and C. Makate
Journal: Social Science and Medicine (SEP 2016) , 168:72-83. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2016.09.003
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Education , Infant and Child Mortality
Country(s): Malawi
Integrated paediatric fever management and antibiotic over-treatment in Malawi health facilities: data mining a national facility census
Author(s): Emily White Johansson, Katarina Ekholm Selling, Humphreys Nsona, Bonnie Mappin, Peter W. Gething, Max Petzold, Stefan Swartling Peterson, and Helena Hildenwall
Journal: Malaria Journal (AUG 2016) , 15:396; DOI: 10.1186/s12936-016-1439-7
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Malaria
Country(s): Malawi
Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention in Malawi: Modeling the Impact and Cost of Focusing the Program by Client Age and Geography
Author(s): Katharine Kripke , Frank Chimbwandira, Zebedee Mwandi, Faustin Matchere, Melissa Schnure, Jason Reed, Delivette Castor, Sema Sgaier, and Emmanuel Njeuhmeli
Journal: PLOS ONE (JUL 2016) , 11(7): e0156521; doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0156521
Topic(s): Adult Health Issues , Female Genital Cutting , Gender , HIV/AIDS
Country(s): Malawi
Quality of facility-based family planning services for adolescents in Malawi: Findings from a national census of health facilities
Author(s): Vinitha Jayachandran, Gertrude Chapotera, and William Stones
Journal: Malawi Medical Journal (JUN 2016) , 28(2): 48–52.
Topic(s): Family Planning , Other , Youth
Country(s): Malawi
Sociodemographic factors influencing adherence to antenatal iron supplementation recommendations among pregnant women in Malawi: Analysis of data from the 2010 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey
Author(s): A. Titilayo, M.E. Palamuleni, and O. Omisakin
Journal: Malawi Medical Journal (MAR 2016) , 28(1): 1-5
Topic(s): Anemia , Anthropometry/Biomarkers , Malaria , Maternal Health , Maternal Mortality , Nutrition
Country(s): Malawi
Estimating the effect of HIV/AIDS on fertility among Malawian women using demographic and health survey data
Author(s): Emmanuel Souza, and Tom A Moultrie
Journal: African Journal of AIDS Research (DEC 2015) , 14(4): 315-321; DOI: 10.2989/16085906.2015.1093512
Topic(s): Fertility and Fertility Preferences , HIV/AIDS
Country(s): Malawi
Attitudes of Violence and Risk for HIV: Impact on Women’s Health in Malawi
Author(s): Eusebius Small, and Silviya Pavlova Nikolova
Journal: Sexuality & Culture (DEC 2015) , 19(4):659-673. doi:10.1007/s12119-015-9285-2
Topic(s): Domestic Violence , Gender , HIV/AIDS , Maternal Health
Country(s): Malawi
Potential of household environmental resources and practices in eliminating residual malaria transmission: a case study of Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi and Liberia
Author(s): Henry M. Semakula, Guobao Song, Shushen Zhang, and Simon P. Achuu
Journal: African Health Sciences (SEP 2015) , 15(3):819-27. doi: 10.4314/ahs.v15i3.16
Topic(s): Malaria
Country(s): Multiple African Countries, Malawi, Tanzania, Liberia, Burundi
Is there a threshold level of maternal education sufficient to reduce child undernutrition? Evidence from Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe
Author(s): Makoka D, and Masibo PK
Journal: BMC Pediatrics (AUG 2015) , 15:96. doi: 10.1186/s12887-015-0406-8.
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Nutrition
Country(s): Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
The usefulness of a handwashing proxy in large household surveys
Author(s): Victoria Shelus, and Orlando L. Hernandez
Journal: Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development (AUG 2015) , 5(4) 565-573; DOI: 10.2166/washdev.2015.184
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Household and Respondent Characteristics
Country(s): Multiple African Countries, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone
Intimate Partner Violence and Contraceptive Behaviour: Evidence from Malawi and Zambia
Author(s): Somefun Dolapo Oluwaseyi, and Ibisomi Latifat
Journal: Southern African Journal of Demography (JUN 2015) , 16(1): 123-150
Topic(s): Domestic Violence , Family Planning , Gender
Country(s): Malawi, Zambia
Family planning use among women living with HIV: knowing HIV positive status helps - results from a national survey
Author(s): Habte D, and Namasasu J
Journal: Reproductive Health (MAY 2015) , 12(1):41. doi: 10.1186/s12978-015-0035-6.
Topic(s): Family Planning , Fertility and Fertility Preferences , HIV/AIDS , Maternal Health
Country(s): Malawi
The Effect of Access to Contraceptive Services on Injectable Use and Demand for Family Planning in Malawi
Author(s): Skiles M.P., Cunningham M., Inglis A., Wilkes B., Hatch B., Bock A., and Barden-O’Fallon J.
Journal: International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (formerly: International Family Planning Perspectives) (MAR 2015) , 41(1):20–30, doi: 10.1363/4102015
Topic(s): Family Planning
Country(s): Malawi
Women empowerment and the current use of long acting and permanent contraceptive: Evidence from 2010 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey
Author(s): ME Palamuleni, and AS Adebowale
Journal: Malawi Medical Journal (SEP 2014) , 26(3): 63–70.
Topic(s): Family Planning , Gender
Country(s): Malawi
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