The DHS Program provides indicators of gender inequality, women's empowerment, gender norms, and much more.
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Domestic violence impacts both women’s and children’s health. The DHS now has information on the prevalence of emotional, physical and sexual violence for over 25 countries and growing.  The DHS Domestic Violence Module and ethical and safety guidelines provide methods to collect valid and reliable data while meeting the highest ethical and safety standards.

Scientific investigation of the problem of domestic violence is a relatively recent endeavor; it is only within the past 20 years that violence against women has been widely acknowledged as a threat to the health and rights of women and to national development.

gender womens status

Do women and men have equal access to information and resources? Are women empowered to make decisions for themselves and their children? Do women and men agree with gender norms that disempower women?

The DHS Program data and analysis provide an in-depth look at: the life courses of women and men, when they first have sex, marry, and have their first child, whether they work, whether they control income and household decisions), gender differentials in education and in children's health and health care, women's experience of various forms of gender-based violence. Learn more>>

gender female genital cutting

Female genital cutting (FGC, also called female circumcision or female genital mutilation) is practiced in many African countries. DHS surveys have asked women about their experiences with FGC in 23 countries collected via the DHS Female Genital Cutting Module.

FGC involves cutting or removing the external female genitalia for non-therapeutic reasons. It is most often carried out by traditional practitioners on girls that range in age from a few days old to 20 years. FGC can cause pain, severe bleeding, reproductive health complications, infections, and even death.

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