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Pakistan: Special, 2019
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Survey Datasets
File Name File Size File Format
Births Raw
PKBQ7ADT.ZIP 1.65 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKBQ7AFL.ZIP 1.75 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKBQ7ASD.ZIP 2.31 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKBQ7ASV.ZIP 2.62 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Children's Raw
PKCH7ADT.ZIP 751 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKCH7AFL.ZIP 742 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKCH7ASD.ZIP 974 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKCH7ASV.ZIP 1.06 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Fieldworker Questionnaire
PKFW7A.ZIP 5.05 KB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
PKFW7ADT.ZIP 6.04 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKFW7AFL.ZIP 8.85 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKFW7ASD.ZIP 6.55 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKFW7ASV.ZIP 7.47 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Raw
PKHH7ADT.ZIP 2.37 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKHH7AFL.ZIP 2.22 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKHH7ASD.ZIP 3.29 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKHH7ASV.ZIP 2.98 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Individual Raw
PKIQ7A.ZIP 11.9 MB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
PKIQ7ADT.ZIP 1009 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKIQ7AFL.ZIP 1.05 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKIQ7ASD.ZIP 1.41 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKIQ7ASV.ZIP 1.29 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Other Data
PKOD7ADT.ZIP 581 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKOD7AFL.ZIP 611 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKOD7ASD.ZIP 777 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKOD7ASV.ZIP 847 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Household Member Raw
PKPQ7ADT.ZIP 10.8 MB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKPQ7AFL.ZIP 11.6 MB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKPQ7ASD.ZIP 17.9 MB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKPQ7ASV.ZIP 19.4 MB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Service Availability Raw
PKSQ7A.ZIP 54.3 KB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
PKSQ7ADT.ZIP 45.8 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKSQ7AFL.ZIP 59.7 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKSQ7ASD.ZIP 54.5 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKSQ7ASV.ZIP 59.9 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)
Verbal Autopsy
PKVA7A.ZIP 270 KB Hierarchical ASCII data (.dat)
PKVA7ADT.ZIP 251 KB Stata dataset (.dta)
PKVA7AFL.ZIP 315 KB Flat ASCII data (.dat)
PKVA7ASD.ZIP 318 KB SAS dataset (.sas7bdat)
PKVA7ASV.ZIP 309 KB SPSS dataset (.sav)

Maternal Mortality Survey
Other Data (OD): Household Deaths Data