Linked DHS and geographic data are now being used to meet a large variety of public health needs, including planning for HIV/AIDS and family planning programs and analysis of the effects of environment on early childhood mortality.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) GPS Clusters

Geographic location affects peoples' health, nutrition, and access to health care services. The DHS Program can now analyze the impact of location using DHS data and geographic information systems (GIS). These spatial analyses improve our understanding of how location affects health status, leading to more effective interventions.

The DHS Program routinely collects geographic information in all surveyed countries. Using GIS, researchers can link DHS data with routine health data, health facility locations, local infrastructure such as roads and rivers, and environmental conditions. Linked DHS and geographic data are now being used to improve planning for family planning interventions, to assess the correlation of malaria prevalence and anemia in children in West Africa, and to analyze the effects of environment on early childhood mortality.

GPS Data

The DHS Program is a recognized leader in training local interviewers to use GPS receivers to collect latitude and longitude coordinates in the field that indicate the location of surveyed communities and/or health facilities. 
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Geographic Data

Geographic data from over 100 DHS surveys in over 45 countries are available online for download upon request.  The data include latitude and longitude coordinates of the surveyed communities and/or health facilities and can be linked to the DHS dataset. 
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GIS Training

The DHS Program provides training in geographic data collection, analysis, and mapping in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
The trainings are customized to each country to build capacity.
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Online Mapping

Create maps for hundreds of indicators from DHS surveys - at national or sub-national levels for many countries. Customize maps and export for presentations or reports.

Spatial Data

GIS users can integrate their own GIS data with the DHS indicators data. Data are provided at the sub-national level in shapefiles.
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