South-to-South Consultants


The DHS Program is developing a certification system to strengthen and expand our existing network of individual and institutional South-to-South consultants who provide both short- and long-term technical assistance in multiple countries. Consultants help build and reinforce capacity in host countries and across regions. Strengthening their capacity in providing high-quality technical assistance in DHS survey design, implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation is critical. 

The certification system will facilitate cost-effective and sustainable technical exchange. The system includes learning paths for new and existing consultants in key technical areas along the survey continuum: survey management, sampling, data processing, biomarker collection, dissemination, and analysis. The DHS Program will also continue to expand the consultant network.

If you would like to join our network of South-to-South Consultants, please complete an online application at the link below.

South-to-South Consultant Application

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