Competency-based Regional and National Training


The DHS Program offers a series of capacity strengthening activities often delivered using blended learning with online platform-based courses, virtual sessions, or webinars in combination with face-to-face workshops. The DHS Program trainings use job aids and performance support tools, action learning assignments, coaching mentoring, and online communities of practice. These approaches maximize both learning retention and behavior change on the job.

The training options are offered as regional and national workshops to reinforce counterparts’ capacity in key competency areas including the following:

This training equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to use procedures and programs effectively during the data capture of a DHS survey. The workshop focuses on Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) software and hardware to generate all necessary dictionaries, forms, applications, and menus used during the data entry of a DHS survey. Although the course focuses on DHS surveys, the acquired skills can also be applied to other types of surveys.

This training equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to use procedures and programs effectively during the data finalization and tabulation of a DHS survey. The workshop focuses on generating and finalizing data capture programs, processing “other” or write-in answers, producing and adding sampling weights, creating a recode data set, and producing standard tables using raw and recode data.

This training focuses on the steps involved in survey sampling including sampling frame preparation, sample selection procedure, sample size determination, sample allocation, household listing, and sampling weight calculation. The Survey Sampling Design course is delivered both as a face-to-face workshop and online course.

This training introduces participants to data management and cleaning in Excel and the use of maps as part of the decision making process. The workshop also provides an overview of GIS concepts such as GPS data collection and a hands-on introduction to QGIS, an open-source GIS software package.

The DHS Program offers various dissemination training to build the capacity of implementing agencies and data users at the national and sub-national levels. At the national level, the menu of workshops focuses on Data to Action, journalists, data visualization, social media, and writing policy briefs. At the sub-national level, innovative approaches are used for training communicators on survey dissemination to local program managers.

This training aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to implement biomarker measurement and sample collection training following The DHS Program’s guidelines and standards.

This add-on workshop activity trains participants to articulate adult learning principles, facilitate interactive sessions that meet learning objectives, and demonstrate an engaging experiential session using teach-backs.

The DHS Program organizes analysis workshops to increase capacity of either researchers or practitioners in different topics such as indicator trends, topic-specific indicators for practitioners, DHS or SPA data analysis, and insights into integrated DHS and SPA for researchers.

The DHS Program is developing a South-to-South consultant certification program that incorporates distinct learning paths.


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