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July 16, 2012 
MEASURE DHS Project Names New Director

ICF International is pleased to announce that Dr. Sunita Kishor is the new director of the renowned MEASURE DHS Project. Widely known for her pioneering work in gender research, Dr. Kishor has been with the project since 1993. She takes over the helm of the MEASURE DHS project following the retirement of Dr. Ann Way.

Long known as the “gold standard” in developing country survey research, MEASURE DHS has assisted local implementing agencies in more than 90 countries carry out about 300 surveys. Dr. Kishor is uniquely suited to lead this internationally recognized project. Previously, Dr. Kishor served as the Senior Advisor for Gender of the project and co-managed the National Family Health Survey in India. During her almost two decades with the MEASURE DHS project she also has served as Interim Director of Research, published several scholarly papers and presented research at numerous national and international conferences. Born and educated in India, Dr. Kishor holds a master’s degree in economics from Delhi University, and a doctorate in sociology from the University of Maryland. Before coming to MEASURE DHS, Dr. Kishor taught at Delhi University and carried out demographic research.

Under Dr. Kishor’s tutelage, the MEASURE DHS project developed special modules on gender-based violence (GBV) and women’s status. Research in over 30 countries indicating that about one in three ever-married women experience some form of intimate partner violence annually has brought much needed national and international attention to these topics and has contributed to major legislation, advocacy efforts, and national programs to protect women in their own homes. Dr. Kishor’s ground-breaking analysis of survey results in several countries across the world clearly demonstrated the association of GBV with impaired reproductive health among women, including a higher risk for pregnancy loss and sexually transmitted infections among women who have experienced GBV. Her research also documents the intergenerational impact of family violence.

“Dr. Kishor brings expertise in analytical research and survey implementation to the MEASURE DHS project,” says Jacob Adetunji, Senior Demographer and MEASURE DHS Project Manager at USAID. “She is a seasoned demographer as well as an expert in gender and health. She also has made notable contributions to the project’s work in capacity building including her recent leadership in launching the DHS African Faculty Fellows Program. I welcome her appointment as Director of this very successful and long-running project.”

The MEASURE DHS project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development. Based in Calverton, Maryland, the project is managed by ICF International.