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April 9, 2020 
COVID-19 Response: DHS Program Fieldwork Activities on Hold

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The DHS Program, USAID, and our partnering host-country governments have paused in-person trainings, pre-tests, and data collection activities. These actions are taken to protect the health of our fieldworkers and survey respondents, as well as to allow Ministries of Health and other national agencies to prioritize pandemic mitigation activities at this time.

Working with USAID, we are continuing to support our country partners remotely, as their own health, infrastructure, and national priorities allow. We do not yet know when field activities will resume. As new fieldwork dates are confirmed, we will update the information provided on our survey table.

As we all face this unprecedented global pandemic, The DHS Program continues to strongly advocate for data-driven and contextually relevant decision making. Read more in our blog, and explore COVID-19 related indicators in STATcompiler.


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