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The DHS Program's in-house Research and Analysis team conducts rigorous, timely, and innovative mixed-methods research on topics related to global public health, demography, and social epidemiology. Our team also trains, mentors, and closely collaborates with fellow researchers and stakeholders who are driven to utilize DHS Program surveys and other survey data to inform programs and policies in various countries and contexts.

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DHS Research Reports

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Sep 2004

Female Genital Cutting in the Demographic and Health Surveys: A Critical and Comparative Analysis

This comparative report summarizes data on FGC from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) implemented between 1989 and 2002.

Topics: Female Genital Cutting

May 2004

Contextual Influences on the Use of Antenatal Care in Nepal

This report explores the degree to which contextual factors are determinants of individual behavior, specifically regarding the use of antenatal services.

Topics: Gender, Geographic Information, Maternal Health

Jul 2003

Trends in Marriage and Early Childbearing in Developing Countries

Profound demographic changes are occurring in the developing world in connection with women’s age at entry into marriage and parenthood.

Topics: Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Gender

Nov 2002

Coping with Pregnancy; Experiences of Adolescents in Ga Mashi Accra

This study of the experiences of adolescents with becoming pregnant in the Ga Mashi neighborhood of Accra was conducted to understand how these young women coped with an unexpected pregnancy.

Topics: Gender, Youth

Jul 2002

Trends and Differentials in Adolescent Reproductive Behavior in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fertility levels in sub-Saharan Africa are among the highest in the world.

Topics: Fertility and Fertility Preferences, Gender, Youth

Jun 2001

Female Genital Cutting in Guinea: Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies

This report presents the results of two studies of female genital cutting (FGC) carried out in Guinea in 1998 and 1999.

Topics: Female Genital Cutting, Gender

May 2001

The Substitution of Contraception for Abortion in Kazakhstan in the 1990's

Because of the heavy reliance on induced abortion in the former Soviet Union in the past century, there is special interest in the growing substitution of contraception for abortion in that part of the world.

Topics: Family Planning, Gender, Maternal Health

Feb 2001

Contraceptive Practice in Quirino Province, Philippines: Experiences of Side Effects

This study examined the contraceptive practices and the experiences of women in Quirino province of the Philippines in their use of contraceptives.

Topics: Family Planning, Female Genital Cutting, Gender

Dec 1999

Female Genital Cutting and Coming of Age in Guinea

The study of female genital cutting (FGC) in Guinea was conducted mainly to better understand how to ask and answer questions about types of FGC in a DHS survey.

Topics: Female Genital Cutting, Gender

Jun 1998


The goal of this report is to provide basic information on school attendance and education attainment for countries surveyed in the DHS II and DHS III projects.

Topics: Education, Gender, Household and Respondent Characteristics