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March 9, 2017 
2015 Zimbabwe DHS Further Analysis Workshop

2015 Zimbabwe DHS Further Analysis Workshop
May 3-11, 2017
Nyanga, Manicaland , Zimbabwe

The Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) Program is seeking participants for an eight-day further analysis residential workshop to be held in Nyanga, Manicaland from May 3-11, 2017. To encourage collaboration among public health researchers, statisticians, and programme planners, applicants will apply as a team of 2-3 individuals from at least two institutions and propose a family planning, maternal and child health, or other analysis topic that can be addressed with DHS data.

The workshop will teach participant teams to analyze the 2015 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (ZDHS) data sets. The statistical software Stata 14 will be provided for use during the workshop. The workshop will include training on ZDHS sampling and weighting, recoding variables, merging datasets, creating tabulation plans and conceptual frameworks, regression and significance testing, interpretation of results, scientific writing, and other topics.

During the workshop, participant teams will apply this training to their proposed analysis question. The final products for each team will be (1) a PowerPoint presentation which includes their research question, analysis methods, result tables, and conclusions, and (2) a completed abstract that could be submitted to a conference or developed into a manuscript following the workshop.


Participants must apply as a team of 2-3 individuals from at least two institutions and be familiar with the public health context in Zimbabwe. Team applications with members from the Ministry of Health, ZIMSTAT, university faculty, researchers, or programme implementers are encouraged, but should not include individuals from donor agencies. Participants from previous DHS further analysis or Fellows training workshops are not eligible to apply. However, participants from previous SPA, MIS, or GIS workshops may apply.

Interested applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently living and working in Zimbabwe
  • Have at least (1) a Master’s Degree in public health, demography, statistics, or relatedsubject or (2) a combination of a Bachelor’s degree in public health, demography,statistics, or related subject plus 8 or more years of comparable work experience.
  • Have a laptop computer that meets the technical and space requirements to installStata that can be used throughout the workshop
  • Be available to attend every day of the workshop
  • Be committed to share the information with colleagues after the workshop iscompleted

Each team of 2-3 members should submit a single application packet by March 29, 2017 consisting of the following three items to be considered:

  • A brief description of each team member’s current job and research interest includingproficiency in Stata (or other statistical software) and any prior use of DHS data
  • A curriculum vitae for each team member with a list of publications and completecontact information
  • A brief proposal (one page) outlining a family planning, maternal and child health, orother research question that could be answered with DHS data and its potentialprogram and/or policy significance

Workshop Costs and Participation

This is a residential workshop. The USAID-funded DHS Program will cover hotel, per diem, and local transport costs to the workshop venue for all selected participants. Applicants who are accepted for the workshop must submit a letter from their employer approving their availability to attend every day of the workshop.

Contact Information

Completed application materials should be submitted to Arlene Iriho at: (analysisworkshop@dhsprogram.com) by March 29, 2017. Acceptance e-mails will be sent by April 12, 2017.

For information on the ZDHS surveys please visit www.dhsprogram.com

Download the application here >>